Functions of PB EasySetup  

Standard Funcions:
  • clearly arranged and user-friendly user interface (GUI)
  • small installer & uninstaller (<90K)
  • multilingual (translationtool for own langugages)
    (Installer selects automatically the language of the computer, if available)
  • Customisation of the installer program with an own bitmap or header icon possible
  • License / readme file (TXT or RTF)
    (preview and edit function)
  • easy selection of StartMenu entires
    (help, homepage, additional program, uninstaller)
Extended Functions:
  • InternetUpdater for your program
  • Load project with command line parameter possible
    (e.g. %ProgramFiles%, %AppData%, %CommonFiles%)
  • Path variables for windows folders possible
    (e.g. %ProgramFiles%, %AppData%, %CommonFiles%)
  • Userdefined links possible
    (Desktop, StartMenu, Autorun, URL)
  • Installation of single files in windows folder possible
    (%AppData%, %CommonFiles%, %Windows%, %System%, %Fonts%, %QuickLaunch%)
  • Create own registry entries possible
  • Possiblity to change ini-files of the application (e.g. %Version%)
  • Possiblity to run an external program (before/while/after installation).
  • Possiblity to execute a script (JScript/VBScript) during installation/uninstallation.
  • Possiblity to associate a file extension with the program
  • Additional programs: CheckPC.exe / PlayMusic.exe / CallURL.exe / ShowReadme.exe / CheckSerNr.exe / CheckAdmin.exe / StartAddSetup.exe / ...
  • Creation of a ZIP-archive at the same time possible
Current available languages:
German, English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian (program & installer)
Norwegian, Sloevenian (only installer)